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Argumentative Essay Writing Topics

Writing Argumentative Essays

Throughout college, you'll most likely be asked to write a number of different types of essays, including an argumentative essay. This type of essay involves taking a position on an issue, and arguing that position throughout the paper in order to convince the reader that your stance is the correct one.

Extensive research is typically required when gathering information to come up with clear, concise and influential points in the essay. Data can be collected from a number of different sources, such as experiments, journals, interviews, surveys and observations. After collecting and analyzing the data, students then take a stance on the issue, and explain their position throughout the paper through the use of reliable, sound evidence to support it.

What Does an Argumentative Essay Look Like?

Those who argue against the use of marijuana will often state that it is a "gateway" drug to other more illicit narcotics. However, such a position is speculative in nature, with very little scientific evidence to actually support this claim. Just because many heroin addicts used marijuana first does not mean that it directly caused such addiction. Correlation cannot be used as an argument here. Surveys have shown that approximately 80 millions Americans have sampled marijuana at some point, with a much lower number of Americans trying harder drugs like cocaine or heroin. If marijuana truly were a "gateway" drug, would we not see a much higher number of heroin and crack addicts? Marijuana may have certain physical side effects on the body, but it is not a preempt to more dangerous drugs. 

This is an example of a paragraph that would appear in an argumentative essay, where the author defends the idea that marijuana has no bearing on the use of tother narcotics. This is just one of many argumentative essay topics that can be written about, giving the author the opportunity to defend their specific stance on an issue. The author takes a position in the debate about marijuana's role in the use of hard drugs. After taking such a position, the author's next step would be to reference evidence throughout the paper, and use it to continuously support the argument made throughout the paper.

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Custom written term papers by PhD writers to help you write your own.
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